Sabbath School Programs 2010

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Date Title Presenter
2010-12-25 A Christmas Program Gregory and Katz Families Play
2010-12-11 Nine Signs of Conversion Eddie Dugaduga Play
2010-09-04 Enoch Coleen Doran Play
2010-08-21 Lessons from Psalm 37 Jeeva Jonahs Play
2010-08-07 Have You Counted the Cost BEn Wilson Play
2010-07-24 GC Adventures Beti Kyeyune-Nyombi Play
2010-06-26 Nature, God s Other Book Play
2010-06-19 Father in Heaven Celeste Brown Play
2010-06-05 Preparing people for Jesus coming Miller Mendes Play
2010-05-08 Mission Experiences Jaime Crounse Play
2010-04-24 Dying Church Grows Joyce Gregory Play
2010-04-17 Our Tongue Eric Nwazue Play
2010-04-10 Go Preach the Gospel Easton O'Garro Play
2010-04-03 Jacqueline Lynch Life Story Jaqueline Lynch Play
2010-03-20 Haiti Doug Plata Play
2010-03-08 Helping Hands Burton Clark Play
2010-02-02 Experiencing Salvation Miller Mendez Play