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Air: Breath Deeply

Composition: All life is totally dependent upon the atmosphere that surrounds us. It consists of approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The remaining 1% consists of various gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor and a variety of chemicals that can be called pollutants. We call them pollutants because they arise largely as a result of industrialization.

Oxygen is the life sustaining element in the atmosphere. As living organisms consume oxygen to obtain energy, they produce carbon dioxide. Plants, in turn, using sunlight convert the carbon dioxide to oxygen and organic molecules that provide nutrition for animals. This is a sustainable cycle set up by our Creator but we, mankind, have nearly destroyed it (Google sustainability)

Pollution: Pollution of our atmosphere has been of major concern beginning in the 1950s. The reduction of smog, so prevalent at that time, is evident to all who lived through it. A clear testimony of what can be accomplished by concerted action. While that is true relatively little is said concerning indoor pollution. (

( Often indoor pollution is worse than outside. The chemicals that are slowly released from manufactured goods are the source of that pollution. It is important, therefore, to open our homes a significant part of every day, especially the bedrooms at night.

 Breathing: The availability of clean, pure, fresh air is vital to sustain health. But that will be to no avail if we don’t take advantage of it. To do that we must learn to breathe. Yes, our brains are programmed to see to it that we get enough oxygen to survive. But we want to do more than survive. When we take breaks to drink more water or get some exercise, we should also take time to breathe deeply. One method to do that is to breathe in slowly and deeply for 5 seconds and then exhale slowly for 5 seconds. When we do that “the vagus nerve is stimulated, calmness pervades the body: the heart rate slows and becomes regular; blood pressure decreases; muscles relax.” ( The same article says “Cognitive resources are limited, and so when individuals concentrate on breathing, they are not thinking about their worries.” So open up your home, breathe deeply and experience the many blessings that follow.