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Water: The Best Beverage and More

Water: An Absolute necessity. Our bodies are 60% water and blood is 90%. It is of vital importance to keep our bodies well hydrated. We can only live 3-4 days without it. During the night when we are sleeping there is a significant amount of water lost through respiration and urine production. That means we are relatively dehydrated when we wake up. Could that be part of the reason that most heart attacks hit during the early morning hours between 4-10 a.m.? For that reason, we recommend drinking 16-24 oz. of tepid water soon after rising. Tepid because it is hard to drink that much of ice-cold water at once. Besides drinking ice-cold beverages places an extra burden on the stomach because it has to warm it up to maintain the digestive processes. At first it may be nauseous for you to drink tepid water especially the first thing in the morning. Just be patient and keep trying a little each day and soon you will enjoy it.

Water: The Best Beverage.  To maintain a good state of hydration plan to drink more water at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Water should replace almost all other beverages. Coffee is not a substitute for water, especially in the morning. It actually is a diuretic causing the loss of more water. Other beverages are not a good substitute either. Because of their content of flavors that stimulate the taste buds they trigger reflexes associated with eating and interrupt the process of digestion that is in progress Fifteen benefits of Drinking water may be found at

Water and Hygiene: Good hygiene requires and abundance of water especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of us don’t think about that but the homeless are especially vulnerable to the lack of access in the presence of abundance. God help us. But the homeless in our country are nothing compared to the needs in the third world. See the report of the United Nations at


Water and Therapy: The use of hot and cold water, steam inhalation, sauna baths and the like have been used since antiquity to relieve suffering of various kinds. It is known for a fact that cold applied soon after injury can slow the development of swelling. On the other hand, heat applied at a site of infection can promote the body’s defenses. These include increased circulation to the site with the recruitment of white blood cells to fight the infection. Two ways of applying this in upper respiratory infections are 1) steam inhalation and 2) gargling with hot (but not too hot) water. Let common sense be your guide but if you don’t experience relief and recovery don’t delay seeking medical help.