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Healthful Life Style

Spring 2019

Healthful Life Style with God's Blessing

Paul and Darleen McMillan

God promised the Isarelites when He brought them out of Egypt that if they would keep his commandments they would not experience the diseases they had seen in the Egyptians. We are sharing our testimony to say that He still does that.

We are sharing with you here the life style, especially dietary, we follow. I was born September 1930 and we were married in August 1955.  I am 5'8" tall and weigh about 158 pounds - about 20 more than when we were married.  We are both in relatively good health. We enjoy vigorous walks several times a week.  Although my father died at 62 of atherosclerosis my blood lipids have never been a concern.   My wife has been vegetarian all her life and we have continued that life style since we were married.  In our dietary choices we have been influenced to a large degree by the recommendations made by Ellen White more than 100 years ago.   These were gathered together in a single volume called "Counsels on Diet and Foods"  for which a Study Guide(pdf) has been prepared. These recommendations do not include stimulating beverages or seasoning.  We usually eat 3 meals a day with nothing but water between meals. Perhaps someday we will be able to share some menus with you as examples of what has worked for us and not as a standard against which others are to be judged.  There are no doubt many ways of implementing the same principles when preparing meals that are agreeable to other ethnicities.  But as you consider making changes in your dietary habits please read our Health Tips especially #4.We have followed this life style since we were married.  For the most part our meals are simple usually prepared with no seasoning other than salt and none added at the table.  I usually eat my home-made bread without toppings and when I have a sandwich the bread is spread with a minimal amount of mayonnaise and more recently Vegenaise. In recent years we have become increasingly vegan but we have never used large amounts of eggs and dairy products and of course no flesh food.  Beverages are mostly water, fruit juices or vegetable juice, occasionally home-made lemon or lime aid.  Soft drinks are very rare. Sabbaths, Sundays and holidays are exceptions. Special dishes are often prepared for these days and they are occasionally richer and with more seasoning than on other days.  Food left over from those meals contribute to the weekday meals. The basic principle for healthy meals is to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and nuts (in order of decreasing amounts) prepared in as simple a manner as possible with a minimal amount of added calorie-rich foods (sugar, syrups and fats). Your comments and or questions would be welcomed.  Would you like to have recipes? Please send an e-mail to  Other resources I know you will enjoy are found at and at

I would be pleased to have you call me with your questions and comments. My cell number is (909) 835-3918