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Weekly Papers Delivered
FREE to your home

English reading and comprehension are essential in our world today. To help parents encourage their children to read, The Victoria Seventh-day Adventist Church is sponsoring FREE story time magazines. Mailed weekly to your home they provide a basis for parents to sit down and read with their children. Families living in our community and members and their friends, May enroll their children to participate FREE of charge.

Each kid enrolled receives, in the mail, one of these weekly papers addressed to them.

Little Friend (Ages 2-6)

Primary Treasure (Ages 6-10)

Junior Guide (Ages 10-14)

This is a FREE GIFT there is absolutely no cost to your family.

Storytime Gatherings

Each Saturday at 3 pm, in the presence of experienced and security-vetted teachers kids gather with other kids in a free telephone conference call.  We have a time when we visit with one another and then listen to a radio drama "Your Story Hour". You will receive activity sheets that you can work on while listening to the story.

Parents Responsibilities:

1. Completely fill out registration form and return by mail or register on line at

2. Inform the Victoria Church of change of address.

3. Read with each child at least once a week and encourage them to participate  in the Gatherings.


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