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In May of 2009 as the debate over health care was once again gearing up US Senate leaders began considering taxing sugar laced beverages to fund the proposed legislation. (Google, soda tax) How much revenue could be generated? A one cent tax on 12 ounce sugared sodas in the United States would raise 1.5 billion dollars per year in revenue!! ( How much has the beverage industry stolen from you?

The profit margin on beverages (sodas, coffee and teas ) as well as candies is enormous and the nutritional value is nil. All for the sake of satisfying the craving for sweets we let the industry systematically pick our pockets. Isn't it time for us to declare our emancipation? Long ago God through the prophet Isaiah said, "Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?" (Would it not be appropriate to substitute "nourish" for "satisfy?")

Most of us know that many of our life style choices are not good for our health but lack the motivation to change. These web pages are designed to help you find powerful reasons to make healthy choices. When you make the change you will discover a sense of well being that will amaze you.          TOP