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Kinds of Rest: As is true for each of the 8 natural remedies rest contributes to health in many different ways. In addition, there are different kinds of rest. When we change from one demanding activity to one that is more relaxed, we are resting. When we take a break from sitting at the computer to go for a walk we are resting. If our work is physically demanding it might be well to sit down or even lie down for a while. Then there is the daily need for sleep as well as a weekly need for a day off.

Benefits: So what are the health benefits of rest. Many web sites address this question. Here is one that summarizes 9 benefits that are realized when we get a good night’s sleep. (

These include better concentration and productivity, weight control, and reduction of inflammation and depression. Adequate rest also reduces risk of heart disease, and depression. Inflammatory bowel disease is associated with lack of sleep as is depressed immune response.

Daily: To ensure quality sleep avoid going to bed on a full stomach. Then to establish and maintain your body’s natural rhythm go to bed at about the same time each night and avoid sleeping in on a regular basis. Get outdoor exercise each day. These measures will help you get an adequate amount of sleep. While the amount needed varies with age it should be at least 7 hours, whatever your age.

Weekly:The need for a weekly day off is recognized and actually legislated for those who are in the trucking industry. Of course God recognized that long ago when he set aside the Sabbath and Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.” For a secular point of view please explore this: